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West of Macedon
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tire choice
Danimal from Buffalo on 06/17/2022 12:24 PM
Bike the trail in a few weeks. Wondering if the 700x35 Gravelking Slicks that I have on my bike are good for the trail or I should get something with larger or bigger treads?

Bop from Rochester on 06/17/2022 04:33 PM
I've ridden many thousands of miles on the canal with 700 x 25c with out much trouble. Two flats, one a pinch in all that time. The only real problem I've had was washouts after heavy rains. I generally ride the same end to end 70 mile length in my area. Can't speak for it all.

Biker Girl from Web on 06/24/2022 12:21 PM
I have ridden hundreds of Canal miles with GK SS+ 38s on my bike without issue. You'll be fine. Have fun!

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Amtrak Station in DC
Armando from Rockville, MD on 06/11/2022 09:33 PM
I would like to take the train from Washington, DC all the way to the start of the trail and
back to DC. Can you please let me know the best way to do this?
Thank you!

John W. from Pittsburgh, PA on 06/11/2022 11:58 PM
Armando, did you mean to post this the C&O/GAP Forum (bikecando dot com)? The Erie Canal does not connect to DC.

The Capitol Limited goes from DC to Pittsburgh. You’ll need to load your bike either in the bike storage area (bike ticket) or you’ll have to box it. I would get a bicycle ticket online or call Amtrak and get hold of an agent and they will tell you what dates they have bike tickets available. It’s so much easier than boxing it.


Armando from Rockville on 06/12/2022 07:56 PM
John- No I meant the Erie Canal. My question is what’s the best way
To get to the Erie Canal trail? Is it taking the train to Albany, riding to Buffalo
And taking a shuttle or a train back to Albany? Thanks.

John W. from Pittsburgh, PA on 06/13/2022 12:46 AM
Thanks Armando. Sorry I misread your post. I know the most frequent and popular Amtrak route goes along DC to NYC. You could then explore a connection from NYC to Albany to Buffalo and begin your bike journey. I would call Amtrak and hang on the line and speak to an Amtrak agent who should be able to select the best train routes to take to get you there.

In addition, once you complete the Buffalo to Albany portion you could then turn south and head to NYC on the newly branded Empire State Trail. You would then only need to train home from NYC to DC.

Alternatively, you could do one way car rentals to get you there and back.

I hope some of these are helpful.

Take care,

Armando from Rockville on 06/23/2022 10:02 PM
Thank you, John. I appreciated.

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Good meals near Trail?
Bruce from San Antonio on 06/20/2022 06:35 PM
Where are favorite stops for meals along trail - lunch & dinner?

Anonymous on 06/22/2022 11:22 AM
Shorty's South Side, Amsterdam NY.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 06/22/2022 02:52 PM
Absolutely go to Shorty's and get the chicken riggies. And for breakfast the next day, go to Evolve Eatery.

Others that we enjoyed, with a * on the really great ones

My Tomato Pie in Tonawanda* Meatball sub and some kind of salad with an amazing lemon vinaigrette

20 North Broadway Tavern in Schenectady*

There's some kind of ice cream place in Lockport that's supposed to be good

Barber's Grill and Tap Room in Brockport*

Simply Crepes and the Pittsford Dairy in Pittsford*

Craft 120 in Newark

Spankey's Ice Cream in Lyons*

La Bamba MTZ in Canastota

Sugarbeets in Rome*

Aqua Vino in Utica has a nice location

There's a fruit stand and ice cream shop at Schoharie Crossing*

wnybubba from Bflo/Roc on 06/22/2022 04:32 PM
Bill has done well -- especially listing "Evolve Eatery" (Amsterdam, a block off the trail) -- try to make it there for b-fast or lunch. Also I caught a great Italian meal at "Sorrento Pizzeria" in Ilion -- just up the road from the Canalway. I have a traditional celebratory meal in Albany at "Better Bite" -- located diagonally from the state Capital (NW Corner of West Capital Park, Washington & S. Swan Sts.) featuring homemade Hash (the best) and lots of great food prepared by Greek family cooks. In Weedsport you can opt for a nice handcrafted brew at Lunkenheimer Craft Brewing Co., or stop along Rt. 31 a few doors down at DB's Drive in for a frosty ice cream choice with plenty of outside seating areas.

John W. from Pittsburgh, PA on 06/23/2022 10:30 AM
Lake Effect Ice Cream located at 79 Canal St. in Lockport is excellent.

from Fultonville on 06/23/2022 04:15 PM
Karens Produce makes a great cheeseburger.

It is right off the trail between Amsterdam and Fultonville.

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Bike Lane?
Sarge P from Sarasota, Fl. on 06/05/2022 06:49 PM
We're staying at one of the local downtown Albany hotels after finishing the ride from Buffalo, and then taking the Amtrak (Albany-Rensselaer) back. Is there a bike lane that we can ride over the Dunn Memorial Bridge to get to the station? Or should we have the hotel shuttle us there? Thanks for any assistance.

Anonymous on 06/06/2022 05:27 AM
A bike/pedestrian lane has been added to the bridge to connect Jennings Landing at the river in Albany to Rensselaer. I have driven by it multiple times on my way to the train station, but have not ridden it. It is high and exposed, so it is not a ride for the meek, likely the reason I haven't yet seen anyone walking or riding on it. On this forum someone posted that Jennings Landing was the official terminus of the Erie Canal Trail, and that a small marker had been placed there.

Ed Marrone from SPRINGFIELD on 06/06/2022 01:54 PM
Rode and walked over the Dunn Mem. Bridge mor than once. Steep climb up from the Albany side and rode over the river. Going down the ramp sign states bikes should be walked. Bridge does get a fair share of trash.

Sarge P from Sarasota on 06/21/2022 09:57 PM
Thanks Ed,Yankee John, and anonymous for clarifying the trip over the bridge. As our hotel doesn't have shuttle service, we're riding over in the morning. Your clear description of the lane and route takes away any confusion. You are appreciated!

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Stone 8 Tap House in Clyde
Matt from Syracuse on 06/21/2022 07:28 PM
Closed for the summer - reopening Aug 2 - per the website

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Safest Route to Access Utica
Bruce from San Antonio on 06/17/2022 01:22 PM
Would appreciate suggestions on safest bike route from Erie Canal Trail to Genesee Street in Utica - cycling west to east - thanks

Yankee John from Vermont on 06/18/2022 07:11 AM
I stayed at the Rosemont B&B on Genesee street in Utica in 2019 riding west to east. At that time the trail from the parking lot at Barnes Avenue east to the Harbor lock was incomplete and muddy. I rode Barnes Avenue to the Genesee Brewery (now FX Matt Brewing), East on Court Street to Genesee Street. Barnes is closed to auto traffic at the bridge over the railroad tracks but is fine for bicycles. There were large cement barriers at the south end of the bridge, I had to dismount and walk my bike through the narrow gaps.

Continuing east I tried to ride Rutger Street through Proctor Park which does NOT work because the trails in the park are blocked to limit access to the Masonic Research Institute. I ended up taking Bleeker Street to Southside Road and riding on to Frankfort. Southside had little traffic and was in good condition and was a pleasant ride.

Bruce from San Antonio on 06/18/2022 06:43 PM
Yankee John, Thanks very much for sharing this info about getting into and out of Utica - we're staying at the Rosemont Inn. Appreciate yr support!

Yankee John from Vermont on 06/19/2022 05:05 AM
The daughter of owners of the Rosemont is a massage therapist. With advance notice you can also get an excellent massage. It wasn't cheap but at my age it was worth it and much appreciated at that point in the trip.

Bruce from San Antonio on 06/20/2022 06:26 PM
Thank you for massage tip

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Dunn Memorial Bridge from Albany to Rensselaer Amtrak Station
Yankee John from Vermont on 06/20/2022 09:08 AM
Rode from Jennings Landing to the Amtrak station yesterday 6/20/22 without difficulty. At Jennings landing the trail is on a dedicated bike lane on the east/river side of the roadway. A short distance south from Jennings Landing there is a white striped pedestrian crossing from the bike lane to the beginning of the steep bridge ramp on the other side of the road than the bike lane; the dedicated bike lane continues south. The beginning of the ramp is marked with the usual small circular trail marker, but there aren't any signs on the bike lane identifying that this is a trail exit or route to Amtrak on the other side of the river. The ramp is steep but safe with high fencing on both sides. Either walking your bike or a low climbing gear is required to get up the ramp. The ramp joins the bridge and becomes a dedicated bike lane with steep fence on the left/river side and a high guardrail on the right/highway side. The highway traffic is not moving very fast in order to navigate the bridge entrances and exits. The top of the bridge is high above the river and was very windy, with some gravel and trash and other debris, but it was safe and easily navigable. The ride down to Riverfront Park in Rensselaer was less steep than the access ramp on the Albany side on a safe dedicated bike lane.

Ed Marrone from SPRINGFIELD on 06/20/2022 10:16 AM
Rode and walked over the Dunn Mem. Bridge mor than once. Steep climb up from the Albany side and rode over the river. Going down the ramp sign states bikes should be walked. Bridge does get a fair share of trash
At the Rensselaer side there is usually a hot dog truck parked
Good dogs & burgers. Dunkin nearby

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Dirt track sections
Yusuf from Norwich NY on 06/14/2022 07:20 AM
Are there any dirt track sections on the canal path between Buffalo and Albany? What are there locations and how long are these sections of dirt?

Bill in Houston from Houston on 06/15/2022 03:38 PM
There are some short sections that are dirt, or where there isn't as much gravel on the dirt as you would like. The sections are generally less than 20 yards. I can't remember where they all are.

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Long Term parking near Amtrak Exchange St?
LAM on 06/11/2022 07:18 AM
Where is safe, inexpensive long term parking close to the Amtrak Exchange St station?
3 vehicles, June 30, 2022 - July 6, 2022

Bill in Houston from Houston on 06/13/2022 11:16 AM
At the top of the page, there is a place where you can search the forum. I think you'll find lots of great parking tips in previous posts.

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Best Scenic Section with Minimal/No Traffic
Tandeming Family from Philadelphia on 06/07/2022 06:45 PM
Hi, We will be in the finger lake area and are planning on riding the Erie Canal trails. We are hoping for a section with good scenic views for a 10 to 15 mile stretch with minimal traffic. We will have a small child trailing along. We are hoping to either have a picnic or go to a local lunch spot. We are happy to drive to our destination and jump on the trails.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Bill in Houston from Houston on 06/08/2022 09:37 AM
I may not be correctly guessing exactly where you are talking about, but to me, the trail between Pittsford and Macedon was really nice.

Looking quickly at my notes, I see a few on-road sections, but I think they were fairly calm. Make sure to check your route on Google Maps and Street View to determine if it's appropriate for y'all.

Pittsford has plenty of nice places to eat. And there are lots of nice places for a picnic along the trail.

wnybubba from Bflo/Roc on 06/09/2022 04:11 PM
Not arguing with Bill -- but his suggestion is much closer to Rochester than I would consider Finger Lakes region. For me this would be Macedon and eastward to Camillus. Within that leg -- do not travel east of Clyde --> Weedsport -- road travel and some hills.

Not sure of the mileage you are willing to do -- you wrote a 10-15 mile stretch. Does that mean total distance or a 15 mile stretch with a 15 mile return? Anyway -- Lyons has a really pretty park with picnic tables, swing sets and a bathroom. It would make a nice destination or turn-around point. All of the trail around here pretty with mostly gravel surface as you ride along the Canalway.

Picking another stretch further east would be east of Weedsport (or just at the edge of town) and anywhere from there to Camillus (actually just past the Erie Canal Park to include the Nine Mile Creek Aqueduct a bit further -- see interactive map). Jordan to here would be a great section -- you figure out the mileage total you want to travel.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 06/10/2022 01:48 PM
Glad someone knows where the finger lakes are, wnybubba!

wnybubba from Bflo/Roc on 06/10/2022 11:33 PM
Bill... pretty much between ROC and SYR. I just felt Pittsford was a bit too close to ROC. Also giving more generic info so they can figure out the mileage they want to travel.

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Trail closed
Jimmitch from Rome on 06/10/2022 10:48 PM
Does anyone know when the will reopen the section from Reber road to Thomson Rd . They closed it today .

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Amtrak Station in Utica
Ellen Maiman from Acton on 06/09/2022 02:28 PM

I am interested i finding o if there is a shuttle service or ride service to get me and 3 other people and their bikes back to the start of the ride. we are hoping to start in Amsterdam and end in Utica. Can we go by train and if so can we reserve spots for our bikes?

Ellen Maiman

wnybubba from Bflo/Roc on 06/09/2022 03:27 PM has all the answers about trains.

Looks like the latest service out of Utica heading east is 4:26 PM.
If you biked west to east and ended in Amsterdam, latest train leaves Amsterdam 4:43 PM (heading west) giving you a little more biking time.

[Clarification here: I'm assuming that you are riding this 60-mile ride in one day. If you are going to include an overnight -- other earlier trains are scheduled. Go to the Amtrak website.]

As far as taking bikes on Amtrak -- reserve with as much advance time as possible. There are only 4 bike racks available on any given train and they will sell. It helps if your travel day is flexible -- they may be sold on one day and not the next.

It's a rather inexpensive option -- about $20 for the ticket and every bike is $20 (set fee per bike).

Good luck with your plans.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 06/10/2022 01:51 PM
The train stuff gets pretty intricate as far as where to get on and off, where to park, how to reserve, what's allowed and what's not. Search the forum (top of the page) to make sure you don't miss anything.

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Begin in Buffalo
Mark from Brecksville OH on 06/06/2022 02:15 PM
We are planning on riding from Buffalo to Rochester over two days in July. If we start at mile marker 0 of the Erie Canalway (Marine Dr. and the Skyway?) are riding on surface roads, or are we leaving Buffalo on a dedicated/ car free trail? I seem to get conflicting info.


Bill in Houston from Houston on 06/07/2022 12:33 PM
At Mile 0 it's a trail. Then it's a sidewalk, then a parking lot, then a trail, then a quiet surface street, then a trail, then a busier surface street with a bike lane, then a parking lot, then a trail. Or something like that. And that's just the first five miles. You'll find a variety of surfaces and conditions all along the trail.

If you look at the maps, and use Google Satellite and Street View, you get a good feel for what's going on.

wnybubba from Bflo/Roc on 06/09/2022 03:40 PM
Just adding that your apparent concern is riding in the street -- know that last year the trail has been improved along Niagara Street (where Bill mentions Street with Bike Lane). This is now a two-way segregated bike lane. Bill's overall information is correct -- it jumps around a little bit getting out of downtown, but once along the Niagara River, the trail is pretty straightforward into the Tonawanda's and heading east.

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Mileage chart looks weird
Bill in Houston from Houston on 05/28/2022 10:04 AM
Ray, another person and I were looking at the mileage chart, and it looks really weird. I was on my phone, and I’m not sure what she was using. If it looks good to others, then it could just be me.

Ray (webmaster) on 05/28/2022 03:37 PM
Hey Bill thank you for pointing that out. Sure enough I made some recent changes that unexpectedly did not work well with the mileage chart. Sorry about that.

I have fixed it and the mileage chart is back to normal now.

Thanks again for letting me know!

Happy trails!

Bill in Houston from Houston on 06/06/2022 02:06 PM
Thanks, Ray! We appreciate you?

Bill in Houston from Houston on 06/07/2022 12:34 PM
Ha ha haaaaa, accidental question mark. Ray, we appreciate you!

Ray (webmaster) on 06/07/2022 04:00 PM
... and I appreciate all of you?


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Any recent trail reports?
MB from Westborough, MA on 05/30/2022 04:41 PM
www .canals. /trails/projects.html states that the section from Rome to Utica is closed due to spring flooding. Does anyone know if that report is up to date? I'm starting a Buffalo to Albany trip at the end of June.

Carl from Rome on 06/05/2022 03:57 PM
We had a bit of spring rains, but not enough to flood out the trail. There are a couple of sections leaving Rome that are mostly stone dust, and they can get muddy after a rainfall. There are a couple of sections that have washed out in the past - that may be what's posted.

I just rode the section from Rome to Lock 21, and it was bone dry.

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Lock 21 State Campsite in Rome
Carl from Rome on 06/05/2022 03:50 PM
There is an access road from NY Rte 46 into Lock 21, so an RV could meet you there. There is some parking in and around the lock, butI do NOT know whether it's open for RV's.

I rode in today, and the picnic area on the north side is fenced off - looks like there might be some construction work happening soon.

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