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Towpath Bike

Bike Shop, Bike Rental
21 Schoen Pl

Towpath Bike is located on the Erie Canal Bike Trail, in Pittsford NY

Towpath Bike
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Towpath Bike
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Forum Discussions about Towpath Bike

Renting a bike and riding from Pittsford to Savannah
andrew from lyons on 04/11/2024 09:01 PM:
I recently rented a gravel bike from towpath cycles and rode the canal trails to Savannah. it was really fantastic.
here are some highlights:

1) BIKE RENTAL: The Trek Checkpoint ALR 4 Gravel bikes that Towpath cycle rents are the perfect machine for the erie canal trails. John at Towpath set me up with a great bike and I really enjoyed riding it. The wheels were perfect for the gravel trails and even did pretty good on some muddy parts after a heavy rainstorm. The bike was great on the trails, terrific on the road sections, and even did good on some single track along the route.

2) Pittsford Dairy has the best ice cream

3) My favorite sections of trail were between Fairport and Newark and especially the area between Macedon and Newark. The section from Lyons to Clyde is really great too. There is a really good section after Clyde but unfortunately the trail ends and goes onto route 31 until Savannah.

4) The section between Newark and Lyons is on old route 31 except for a couple of trail sections. Those sections are really great trail and I wish that they would have put in more to connect those sections by trail.

5) There is a sketchy property and person just after Lock Berlin between Lyons and Clyde. He wasn't there when I went by but all his signs, and garbage, and motion activated sirens were there. I know the backstory and unfortunately, this type of person is somewhat typical of central new york and part of the reason I left the area. I was told that more sections of trail between Lyons and Newark were not connected because of other people that didn't want "people who aren't from around here coming near my property." I don't think there is danger here at this property, but it is sad to see and exeprience.

6) There is an old rail bed that I hope Clyde and Savannah will convert to the trail. The trail follows some of the railbed but then has to go back to Rt 31. Hopefully they are working on it...

7) Trail surfaces are great throughout. there is a lot of variety between gravel, asphalt, dirt. I only hit a few muddy sections after heavy rain the night before.

8) the wetlands along the way were amazing and I spent a lot of time birdwatching and turtle watching. I was there in early April and there were no bugs yet.

This was a great intro to the trail for me and I will come back for more