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Biking from Canada across Peace Bridge to Erie Canal trail

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Forever Young from Port Dover on 4/27/2024 3:56:30 PM:
Looking for comments from anyone who has biked across the Peace Bridge over to Erie Canal Trail.Where did you park long term on the Canadian side,is crossing difficult,is it safe biking to the trail.Any other advice?

Old from Rural on 4/27/2024 9:49:39 PM:
If you do not have a valid passport, it is VERY unlikely that you'll be permitted to enter the country.

Forever Young from Port Dover on 4/28/2024 10:58:57 AM:
No problem regarding passport

jeff mann from Fort Erie on 5/8/2024 1:32:46 PM:
We live in Fort Erie so we were able to ride across and didn't have to worry about parking. I would check with Niagara Parks to see if they have limits on the various parking areas they have near the bridge. They might have suggestions too.
The bridge crossing is easy. Just press the button on the customs (US) building and they'll talk to you. They don't have someone at the gate, but will send someone down.
Once across the bridge you connect to the river trail by going North and crossing to the West until you hit the trail (very close) head North and eventually you'll hit Tonawanda and will find the trail. We took Amtrak back which worked well. It's easy to pick up the return trail from the Exchange St. station