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Reply to How often are you on road vs path?
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Dave S from Albany area on 1/15/2024 5:57:06 AM:
Looking to ride from Albany to Buffalo this summer on the path.

1 How much of it is paved, and not paved?

2 Are there parts of it that require riding on the road?

Thank you.

sreen names from Optional, USA on 1/15/2024 10:29:20 AM:
1 How much of it is paved, and not paved?
A: Much of it. However, it is very smooth and not rutted. I rode on it safely and comfortably with tires that were smooth road tires.

2 Are there parts of it that require riding on the road?
A: Go the the map. Click on a town name or section. Zoom in to see if that segment is on a road. Most of the path is not on a road, particularly in rural and sub-suburban areas. Then, go to another segment and have a look-see.

My advice: Just get on the path and ride and stop worrying. Whatever your bike is, it is good enough. Any bike, any bike tire will suffice. Maybe a good idea to have a kit to fix a flat, and know how to use it. However, highly unlikely that you will use it. Don't think that you need especially anything other than to just get going. The main requirement is to just get going.

Susan from Cleveland Ohio on 4/3/2024 2:20:35 PM:
Thanks for the trail description. Does the trail get rutted when it has rained? Is it rocky or have large stones or rocks? Were there any alternate roads to take to avoid rough or single track sections (maybe if it rains!)?

old from Odl Town on 4/3/2024 3:05:41 PM:
you asked, "Are there parts of it that require riding on the road?"

Go to the main web page, click on interactive map, and study how close the tow path is to a highway. If, while on your journey, you feel you need to be on a road, that study will show you how close you are.

I have not traveled the entire tow path.

Much of the "tow path" from Buffalo to Lockport is either on a paved path, or road. CHeck out the interactive map.

From Lockport it is "tow path" ... and not "path. "Path" seems to imply that it is a rough, narrow thoroughfare. This is not the case. While it is not paved between Lockport and Gasport (for example) the towpath is flat, not rutted, and hard packed dirt.

Ruts? No. Occasion shallow tire marks: Yes.

Yes, there could be some puddles when it rains, but you'll probably be drenched by the rain anyway. What shallow puddles you encounter will be in line with the soaking you'll get from the rain itself.

I'd advise this: just get on the tow path and encounter it as you would a new best friend. It will welcome you and open up to you, and wbe an experience of a life time.

There is always a little rain in every friendship.