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Joe c from Millis, ma on 11/25/2023 7:41:29 PM:
I would like to know from folks who have ridden the Erie Canal bike path on a class 2 ebike. Any information would be great. Thanks, joe c

Older than Rocks from All Over Western NY on 11/26/2023 9:41:19 AM:
My wife and I road it on Class 1 ebikes. It is a dream.... no hills, flat surface, often dirt packed from mules at one time, and now bikes and runners' feet.

Look for little (tiny) villages along the canal at a bridge crossing. These probably served a purpose for the barges at one time.

Now there you may find a pizza joint and a bar that service local thirst and hunger.

Look on this discussion's web site under "Towns and Services."

While you are on the tow path, have a look around you: you'll seen the most gloriously beautiful and peaceful farm settings you've ever laid eyes on!

I think it unlawful to camp on property that is owned and maintained by the Canal Authority. However, some of the property is private farmland... and you may be able to camp there... with permission. Some farms had set out tents just for the bikers to have an overnight.

joe c from millis. ma on 11/27/2023 2:59:21 PM:
Planning to do the bike trail on my class 2 ebike this summer.This will be my first time. Any advice,tips and suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Joe C

Mike from Fairport on 11/28/2023 9:20:03 AM:
Stop and see the canal overflow falls in Holley NY. I go to the top of the falls and scramble down the hill a little bit to get to the falls.

Daniel S. from Dallas, TX on 12/1/2023 11:18:04 AM:
Exploring doing the Erie Canal Trial next summer on my E bike. Would like to read other people's experience doing this. I can get 90+ miles on a full charge but would rather not run it down that far. My charge to mile ratio is about 1 hour of charge to 20 miles of battery. Like to hear from experienced E Bikers on this particular trail.

Mike O from Fairport on 12/3/2023 7:23:52 PM:
Towns around me seem to be no more than 15 miles apart. The trail is mostly flat and hard packed when not paved.

Anonymous on 12/4/2023 8:23:57 AM:
NY State has a web site that shows where all EV charging stations are. You may find charging services for a bike there.

OLD from All over the place on 12/4/2023 8:36:07 AM:
This web site has an excellent "Towns and Services" tab that shows services at many, if not all, towns and villages along the way.

That may be a good starting point for finding services for charging your bike.

There may be many services that may be willing to charge your bike in exchange for a few dollars. My experience is that if you are freindly and non-threatening, and make a friendly offer of a few dollars, they'll take your request seriously, or tell you where you might get your request fulfilled nearby. If you want something for nothing, it'll be more difficult.

Try that "Towns and Services" tab of this web site.