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Mick from tinley from Tinley park on 9/6/2023 9:04:59 PM:
Where can I park in Buffalo for a week. Riding to Syracuse

Old Jimma from Everywhere Upstate on 9/7/2023 3:00:14 AM:
Run a personal ad in the Buffalo Evening News for a few weeks, requesting to rent a garage for the duration.

If you are cheap and just park it someplace, there is strong possibility that your car will get towed to who knows where? City ordinances often prevent this sort of thing. If the City impounds your car, you'll have a hard time locating it, and then will have to pay cash to get it back from the secure lot where the City impounded it.

Or if leave it in a shopping lot: they are private lots and your car will get towed.

Run and ad, make a clean deal, and pay the $: half when you leave (get a receipt) and half when you return. You're car will be there when you return.

That's your cheapest and most secure option.