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RV camping

Don Kleber from Fairfield Ct on 2/6/2023 10:31:02 AM:
My group ( we’re in our mid 60’s)is planning to ride a large portion of the trail in early June. We are planning to start near Buffalo and ride about 50 miles a day for four days. What is the best starting point? Is it Buffalo or should we move East a bit? Can anyone recommend towns to overnight at about 50 mile intervals? In the past since we have 10-12 riders we’ve used RV’s. Are there camp grounds/RV parks within a short drive of each overnight town? Lastly, we are mostly road bikers and May look to rent some gravel/hybrid bikes at a shop near the end of our ride. Any recommendations? Thank for any response. Remember ride fast, stay upright!!

Bill in Houston from Houston on 2/9/2023 5:28:25 PM:
Assuming you don't want to see Niagara Falls, you couldn't go wrong by starting at Lockport and riding to Rome, I think. Brockport and Weedsport would be decent places to stop, with an approx 50 mile spacing. Not sure which town in between them would be best. No idea on RVs or camping, sorry. The Trip Planner link above and Google Maps can really help you nail down the amenities you want. As road bikers, do you have an idea what it feels like to ride 50 miles on the gravel trail? 50 miles of gravel would be about 80 miles of road.

Bob from Albany on 2/13/2023 12:53:48 PM:
This is my itinerary from Buffalo to Weedsport. Although I do have a breakdown to Albany. The referenced mileage is from the zero mileage trail marker in Buffalo to the lodging facility. Lockport is a pretty good start as previously mentioned. We are doing the whole trail in a few months where we will take the train from Albany to Buffalo. Except for the winery we are lodging pretty much on the trail. 2.5 Arrive Buffalo 6:45 pm stay Buffalo Marriott 2.5 miles 43.1 Arrive Gasport Lodging Becker Farms vineyard / brewery 1.4 mi from trail 103.0 Arrive Pittsford Lodging Del Monte Hotel & Spa 163.0 Arrive Weedsport Lodging Red Roof Inn enjoy the ride. let me know how you broke down your ride.