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Esther from Cumbria, England on 12/9/2022 10:09:11 AM:

We're planning to ride the trail from Buffalo to Battery Park. There will be 3 of us and we are trying to decide whether to bring our own bikes (preferred option), hire bikes in New York city or buy reasonably cheap bikes then try and sell them before we fly home.
If we bring our own bikes I'm looking at hiring a car to drive them out to the start point at Buffalo. We're just a bit concerned how to get the bikes from the airport to the hotel at the start and then from Battery Park back to the hotel when we finish. (Hopefully staying at the same hotel near the airport at the start and end).
Any advice would be appreciated,

Old Jimma from Former Buffalonian on 12/9/2022 1:07:32 PM:
Try getting info from the AMTRAK train that goes from NYC to Buffalo. They allow a small number of bikes on the train... so plan it soon.

My understanding this that if you try to arrange it online, you may be sorry... and if you talk with someone on the phone, they can be more accommodating.

You might consider breaking up your travel to take the train in places where you might not rather bike. LIke in Buffalo and in NYC. Crazy traffic.

However, if you are in Buffalo, think about taking the road along the Niagara River from Fort Erie (across the river from Buffalo)... and follow the river trail to Lake Ontario. It will take you by the Niagra Falls... best view from the Canadian side.... and one of the wonders of the world, I should add. You won't be disappointed.

Yankee John from Vermont on 12/10/2022 1:51:09 PM:
If you ride the Canadian side go all the way to Niagara-on-the-Lake and stay in a B&B in one of the vinyards. It's pricey but worth it. The ride along river chasm is impressive but very exposed, do it in the morning or you will roast. The only way back to the US is walking your bikes across the Rainbow Bridge with the pedestrians, but it's quite a beautiful walk that you would'nt ride anyway.

Christopher Scanlon from Skokie, Illinois on 12/13/2022 11:48:49 AM:
I am planning to ride from Buffalo to Albany in early-mid June 2023, dates are flexible. I can't help you regarding your travel plans but I would like ride along with your group if your plans coincide with mine.
Buffalo to Albany, early to mid-June. Six or seven days to cover the 360 miles. No camping, hotels, AB&B, restaurants and cafes.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 12/19/2022 12:19:40 PM:
Wouldn't you rent the vehicle at the airport, put your bikes in it, drive to your overnight lodging in NYC, and then drive to Buffalo the next day?

On your return, you could just get an Uber from the hotel to the airport.

Esther from Cumbria, England on 12/29/2022 3:32:18 AM:
Hi Bill, that is one of the things we are looking at, but its just being able to fit 3 people, 3 bikes and all the gear into an uber. We would also need to find somewhere to get boxes and padding to pack the bikes for the journey home.

Old Jimma from Atlanta on 12/29/2022 1:02:46 PM:
Take very little bike gear and take AMTRAK to the Albany-Rensalaer Station.

Why bike? Why not hitch-hike? Its coming back into style... and you can choose your own routes... along the canal.