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Upcoming Albany to Buffalo Ride

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Pat from Greencastle,IN on 8/22/2022 8:46:53 AM:
Hi everyone!
We are setting out on 8/28 for our thru ride. Anyone recently ride the Erie Canal trail and have anything to share on conditions, weather, places that may have closed down, or anything else worth sharing?

We are really looking forward to our ride. Driving over to Albany on the 27th.

DK from Fultonville on 8/22/2022 10:51:25 AM:
Stop and marvel at the places where the old Erie canal locks are visible along the way. Putman store/Yankee hill lock is a good rest stop west of Amsterdam just off the trail. I only know the trail from Schenectady to Herkimer County. All good some a little bumpy. Watch out for used horse food.

Good burgers and ice cream at Karens Produce.

Visit this site if you have not already.

Pat from Greencastle,IN on 8/22/2022 6:33:42 PM:
Awesome….thanks DK for the tips! Will check it out. I did read about a large closure between Utica and Rome, and thus far, they haven’t announced a detour as the flood damage is still being assessed…at least that is what I read today. I checked the map and have a possible route in that area, we’ll see when we get to that point. That will be the start of our 3rd riding day headed west

Thanks again!

DK from Fultonville on 8/22/2022 6:46:45 PM:
There is a short detour under the route 30 bridge. After the detour take a ride over the gateway overlook bridge.

Pat from Greencastle,IN on 8/22/2022 10:14:00 PM:
Thanks DK…Is that detour in the Utica area, or where? I’ll need to look up where route 30 is located so I can pinpoint the detour you mention

Also looks like a good deal of rain has been going thru the length of the canal. I’m watching the weather until we go, but we will go anyway, and hope for good weather, but also be prepared for rain if we get some


DK from Fultonville on 8/23/2022 11:52:11 AM:
That detour is in Amsterdam.