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Reply to Getting to DePew Amtrak station from end of trail in Buffalo

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Reply to Getting to DePew Amtrak station from end of trail in Buffalo
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Pat from Greencastle,IN on 7/6/2022 8:27:54 AM:
We’ll, a new issue arose today with our logistics and Amtrak. The plan and reservations we made back in march was to take the 2 of us and our bikes on train #64 from Buffalo Exchange street station @12:55pm back to Albany…….until today!

Amtrak sent a notification saying no bikes now on that train ??. Now they have rebooked us on a 9:05am out of the DePew Amtrak station. Our plan for the last day of riding was to ride Lockport to Exchange station and head East. Now I need to recalculate and see how easy it is to ride to the DePew station and be there by 8am.

For those familiar….we’d appreciate some feedback on how to get from Trail end in Buffalo to the DePew station. Or, is there an alternate path off the Erie trail?

Trying to avoid staying in Buffalo the night before if possible, but would need a short last day ride to get us to station by 8am.

Appreciate the feedback….. thanks!

Pat from Greencastle,IN on 7/6/2022 3:34:56 PM:
I did some research on how to best get from Lockport to the DePew Amtrak station in Buffalo and it doesn’t appear to be difficult (if the route and directions are correct). Actually seems to be a bit shorter than getting to the Exchange Street station overall.

Happy to take additional feedback from anyone who has done this route ??


wnybubba from Bflo/Roc on 7/7/2022 12:02:54 AM:
Yeah, it may look easier from Lockport. Is there a bike route or are you on surface? Rt.78 is straight from Lockport to Depew (note no Cap), but is a major, busy traffic route.

Lockport to Trail-end is doable and the trip out to Depew is not difficult, however, does require some road travel but less trafficked than Rt 78 (and you get to ride to the end).

On this forum see if you can search for previous thread on the route Depew to Downtown. Google maps in bike mode stays on roads and there is a patgways in the middle.

Pat from Greencastle,IN on 7/7/2022 9:11:12 PM:
Thanks Bubba for your input.

Google directions seem to keep us on the trail off Transit Street in Lockport. Reading thru the directions I wrote down, appears we ride prison the ECT until we get to Tonawanda Creek Rd and then start following streets into Buffalo to the station. Shows to be about 21 miles total ride from Lockport to the DePew station. Hopefully the directions are accurate and don’t run into too many issues.

Rather than have our original 12:55 pm train out of Exchange, we now have a 9:05am out of DePew back to Albany

Thanks again. I’ll try to see this on a visual map to make sure