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Bike route from Albany hotels (on Broadway) to start of Erie Canal trail Albany

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Pat from Greencastle,IN on 6/30/2022 10:16:41 AM:
Hi All… As we’ll be starting our Erie Canal through ride in Albany….I’ve been looking up to see how to get from the hotel on broadway to the start of the trail headed west. Can anyone who has done this share how to get to the start? My research shows we may have to catch the Mohawk Hudson Trail at first which turns into or will link into the Erie Canal trail. Would appreciate feedback from those who know the area well…….. thanks,

Yankee John from Vermont on 7/1/2022 9:25:50 AM:
The Mohawk Hudson Trail and Erie Canal Trail are the same passing north through Albany along the Hudson River and then heading west along the Mohawk River, eventually becoming only the Erie Canal Trail. There are limited ways to get across the railroad tracks and highway from Broadway/downtown to the bike trail for a bike or pedestrian. This problem has been addressed by the newly opened Albany Skyway, a repurposed highway exit. I haven't been on the Skyway, but would expect it be safe and well designed since it was a NY State project. It does show up on Google Maps. Please take this route and report about it on this forum! In Watervliet and Cohoes the trail leaves the edge of the Hudson River and turns west to follow the Mohawk River. This is a section of trail on streets with a dedicated bike lane. As you pass through Cohoes consider a slight detour to visit the Cohoes Falls. It is a short ride from the trail where it crosses Manor Avenue to the Falls Overlook. (I'm not sure why this posted three times)

Pat from Greencastle,IN on 7/3/2022 7:37:41 AM:
Thanks much…..Yankee John! We’ll definitely take a look at that route and any others if there are options, and report back after our ride (or after first day since that will be our start!). Appreciate the feedback on this Pat