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Dunn Memorial Bridge from Albany to Rensselaer Amtrak Station

Yankee John from Vermont on 6/20/2022 9:08:32 AM:
Rode from Jennings Landing to the Amtrak station yesterday 6/20/22 without difficulty. At Jennings landing the trail is on a dedicated bike lane on the east/river side of the roadway. A short distance south from Jennings Landing there is a white striped pedestrian crossing from the bike lane to the beginning of the steep bridge ramp on the other side of the road than the bike lane; the dedicated bike lane continues south. The beginning of the ramp is marked with the usual small circular trail marker, but there aren't any signs on the bike lane identifying that this is a trail exit or route to Amtrak on the other side of the river. The ramp is steep but safe with high fencing on both sides. Either walking your bike or a low climbing gear is required to get up the ramp. The ramp joins the bridge and becomes a dedicated bike lane with steep fence on the left/river side and a high guardrail on the right/highway side. The highway traffic is not moving very fast in order to navigate the bridge entrances and exits. The top of the bridge is high above the river and was very windy, with some gravel and trash and other debris, but it was safe and easily navigable. The ride down to Riverfront Park in Rensselaer was less steep than the access ramp on the Albany side on a safe dedicated bike lane.

Ed Marrone from SPRINGFIELD on 6/20/2022 10:16:11 AM:
Rode and walked over the Dunn Mem. Bridge mor than once. Steep climb up from the Albany side and rode over the river. Going down the ramp sign states bikes should be walked. Bridge does get a fair share of trash At the Rensselaer side there is usually a hot dog truck parked Good dogs & burgers. Dunkin nearby