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Suggestions on itinerary?

Mark Moore from Glenmont NY on 1/27/2022 12:09:02 PM:
Below is my first stab at an itinerary for the Canal - hoping to ride in May. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Erie Trail General Plan Camping Option Train to Buffalo Exchange Street Stay at Courtyard Marriott Day 1 - 60.9 Miles: Camp- Red Rock Ponds RV Park. Food - Lunch: Gas Port Dinner: Albion or In Camp Day 2 50 Miles: Camp- Lock 30. Food: Brunch in Brockport; Late Lunch Pittsford; Dinner - Light in camp or walk to town Day 3 46 Miles: Hotel- Weedsport Days Inn or Rodeway Inn Food: Lunch and Bowling at Stone 8 Tap House; Dinner: Lunkenheimer Brewery Day 4 63 Miles: Camp- Lock 21 Food: Lunch - Syracuse somewhere; Dinner: Canastota Mex, farm to table, BackRoad Tavern or in camp Day 5 64 Miles: Camp -Lock 15. Food: Lunch- Utica McGills Whiskey Tavern and Grill; Dinner - Fort Plain options or in camp. Coffee and treats in the AM at Highwheeler Coffee! Day 6 72+ (paved)Miles - Bike Parking Albany - catch a ride home Food: Lunch - Options in Amsterdam; Rotterdam Jct; and Schenectady

Bill in Houston from Houston on 1/27/2022 2:13:54 PM:
Looks good. Just a few random thoughts. Whatever store or restaurant you want to use, make sure they are open on the day you want to use it. Hours can be short and sporadic. Red Rocks got some bad reviews for being rude to bikers, but I only got one side of the story. Call and make a reservation, and see if they seem friendly or not. Days Inn in Weedsport was great. The Mex place in Canastota really hit the spot. We only stayed in hotels, so I don't have any insight on the camping. Have fun!

wnybubba from Bflo/Roc on 1/27/2022 2:18:15 PM:
Day 1: If you are bringing your bike on Amtrak, you can’t unload at Exchange St. You can only un-board w/bike at Depew. Not necessarily close to the trail or Canalside, but close to much lodging. Evening – Albion stop makes sense. Day 2: Lock 30 -- Awesome. There is a Speedway (Gas/Convenient store) just up the road at the intersection. You can see it from the lock. Day 3: Nice. There’s plenty of options in Weedsport for dinner. Plus a really fine ice cream stand right on the Main Street near the Brewery. Day 4: MORNING-- There’s a Dunkin Donuts at the far end of town next to a decent convenience store & gas station. Across the street there is an Arby's. Looking at Arby's there is an entrance to the trail *on the left* that travels across grass. This is a fun single track path that will connect to Towpath Road. Make a left and follow around the curve past the town buildings and the trail will exit the road on the right back on the canalway. Lock 21 – love it. Lots of grass, picnic tables but there are no facilitaties. Have no idea why they haven't added any portable toilets (I travel with a small hand trowel). Nothing close for food, so eat before (or carry in) and know that Rome is a little bit of a ride in the AM. I believe I found a live electrical outlet on the lock building. Day 5: I haven't stayed at Lock 15, but you'll be fine. I'm sure your eating choices are fine. Day 6: Doable. If you can work it in, a stop in Amsterdam (right off the trail) is Evolve Eatery. Awesome healthy eatery, smoothie, coffee, etc. Google it. Enjoy the ride. Looks like you have a decent plan… you’ll just need to figure out Buffalo. If I can help with logistics or maybe get you a ride into Canalside, reach out to me. Final thought: there are many, many options to throw up a tent along the Canalway -- especially between Bflo and Rochester. Wide, mowed spot that looks good away from private property... do it.

Chuck from Newport RI on 5/13/2022 11:28:09 AM:
I have a ticket with bike space from Albany to Exchange Street Amtrak. Are you sure that you cant unload a bikeat Exchange Street? Also trying to find hotel near Canalside that is not too expensive. All are listing arounf $450 to $550 per night ifor end of August.

Plato Larry on 5/18/2022 10:03:08 PM:
Last July we took Amtrak from Albany to Exchange Street Buffalo, with bikes. No problem. Easily unloaded bikes at Exchange Street Station