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K8 from CA on 9/14/2021 5:55:01 PM:
I am considering riding the Erie Canal in 2022. Which portion is the most scenic with Points of interest? Buffalo to Syracuse or Syracuse to Albany? Or ???

Bill in Houston from Houston on 9/16/2021 3:14:21 PM:
Of those two, I think I'd choose Buffalo to Syracuse.

wnybubba from Bflo/Rochester on 9/18/2021 11:31:04 PM:
Bflo to SYR: Mixed surface, some rural sections, many small towns right on the trail plus Bflo/Niagara, ROC & SYR. SYR to ALB: Mixed surface to Rome/Utica lots of paved after; older cities and towns along Mohawk River that carries the Canal, several cities and less "quaint" small towns.

RebaNic from Buffalo, NY on 9/20/2021 8:43:28 AM:
Prevailing winds tend to be from the west. I found it a more pleasant ride with wind to my back, and no sun in my eyes. There are very beautiful sections Buff to Syracuse. Everything from biking along the mighty Niagara river, to crunching leaves under the tires through gentle woodlands. I love these sections ... great towns along the way.

Bill Z from Hesperus, CO on 10/24/2021 5:47:16 PM:
Two questions: 1. From Buffalo to Syracuse, what mix of surfaces? Crushed limestone, pavement, hard packed dirt? I rode the C&O Canal Towpath from Cumberland to D.C. and there were a lot of sections that were hard packed dirt, which is fine as long as it has not rained in the last 3 days before you ride it. Otherwise, it's a sloppy, muddy mess, with lots of puddles. 2. How much of the trail is shaded? The R2T route from Pittsburgh to D.C. is mostly shaded, making it very pleasant in the summer. How is the trail from Buffalo to Syracuse and from Syracuse to Albany as far as shade is concerned?

Bill in Houston from Houston on 10/25/2021 5:25:59 PM:
There's some mud between Buffalo and Syracuse, but nothing like an average day on C&O. It is small short patches, not unavoidable deep puddles. It's slimy though, so it can get really squirrely. The official trail map shows different trail surfaces. Only the "stone dust" sections even have the chance to be muddy. Not much shade at all. 10%? 5%? Very different from the GAP in that way.