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Amy from Annapolis on 8/1/2021 11:39:40 AM:
Looking to bike this trail in 2022. Is 50 miles per day fairly easy on the terrain? I biked the GAP trail and 50 was doable but general pace was 12mph. due to terrain. Also is it better to go from east to west or west to east. THX

Wandering soul from St. Mary's City, MD on 8/1/2021 1:18:40 PM:
Amy, I did the GAP and C&O (Pitsburgh to DC) in one trip 3 years ago and averaged about 45 miles/day without exerting myself. I just finished the Erie canalway in early June from Buffalo to Albany (actually Colonie) and went 45-50/day, again without undue strain. My average speed was only about 9-10 mph. So, I believe that 50 miles/day at 12 mh is very doable for bikers in average or above average physical condition. BTW, I started the Erie canal trip the day after I turned 75. I assume you are younger than I therefore you have youth on your side. Regarding the east-west-east question, I do not believe it makes much difference as the gradient change is very minimal (much less than the GAP!) While the prevailing wind is westerly, again it was not a significant factor in June. Therefore where you start should depends on the logistics of getting yourself and your bike to the starting and from the ending points. I am a fellow Marylander around your neck of the woods. Feel free to shoot me additional questions:

Bill in Houston from Houston on 8/2/2021 11:20:20 AM:
When the trail surface is gravel, it's just like the GAP. A good bit of it is paved trail or on-road, so the pace is a little faster on those stretches. I'd go West to East. We went that way, and had a nice tailwind that made life quite pleasant.

wnybubba from Bflo/ROC on 8/7/2021 5:48:13 PM:
It's more common to ride West to East - technically it's downhill. Doing so you will see the trail surface improve as you get closer to ALB as most of the trail from Mohawk --> east is all paved.