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Reply to Trail conditions and detours from Albany to buffalo?

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Reply to Trail conditions and detours from Albany to buffalo?
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Steveo from THE BURGH on 7/29/2021 10:13:24 PM:
We will be riding the trail in August from Albany to Buffalo, can anyone let us know of any and all detours and closures along the way . thank you

Wrigs on 7/30/2021 11:03:12 AM:
There were two spots (but only two!) that messed me up on my ride from Buffalo to Albany this week. One is in Buffalo around the location where a path goes into the northern part of Unity Park, there is a lot of street construction and I missed how to get onto the trail, and in Tonawanda, there is a sign and construction stuff blocking a pedestrian/bike bridge. I circled forever and couldn’t figure things out and met three others that had done the same. We asked a local and we’re just told to sneak our bikes off and around barriers, that everyone is still using it, and we did. The rest of the trail was shockingly good and well marked.

AnotherTuba from Rochester on 7/30/2021 11:10:13 AM:
Wrigs, you're a hero! Next week I'm riding from Lockport to Buffalo and your post was EXACTLY what I needed, thanks! Now let's see if I can figure it out while riding!?!

Steveo from THE BURGH on 7/30/2021 9:24:17 PM:
Thank you for the input Wrigs !!! I was hearing the trail was closed between Utica and Rome from a wash out. So you had no problems there ?

Bill in Houston from Houston on 8/2/2021 3:23:29 PM:
We got lost/ turned around in these two places: Tonawanda: Utica Swamp: The trail really should be open right here on the east side of Utica, BUT IT IS NOT, last I heard: Coming into Syracuse from the east on the new route has confused some people.

Wrigs on 8/2/2021 8:16:09 PM:
I had no problems leaving Utica. Coming into Rome was a little weird, I felt like there may be markings for an old and new route (I may be wrong) but both led you where you needed to go. I avoided staying on the official route and did a little side trip to Copper City Brewery. One other really helpful thing was orange spray painted circles with lines on the ground that I believe were used for the big event a few weeks ago. They could occasionally lead astray to what I’m guessing is fuel stops, but they were a big help. Weirdly, people I talked to riding west usually didn’t notice them. Keep your eyes peeled!

Wrigs on 8/2/2021 8:23:39 PM:
And east of Syracuse was no problem either! Nice new paved route out of town. The biggest advice I would have for route planning is not using google maps. Ever. On any ride. Their information is so out of date and they will drag you onto some stupid roads. I’m convinced they have a plan to turn me into a nasty gravel rider.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 8/3/2021 8:23:30 AM:
I agree with Wrigs' observation regarding Google Maps.

wnybubba from Bflo/ROC on 8/6/2021 11:05:00 PM:
And I have often used Google maps in Bike mode to direct me through confusing areas without issue.