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Charging electric bikes

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KGL on 7/28/2021 4:24:41 PM:
Can anyone recommend good places along the trail to charge an ebike during the day? My bike has a battery that cannot be removed so the bike itself needs to be plugged in. Thank you

Bill in Houston from Houston on 7/29/2021 8:21:11 AM:
If you want to plan it tightly, you could look ahead to places where you could eat lunch, and then call them now to see if they have an outlet outdoors. And you better bring a long cord...

Some of the towns on the eastern half have boat tie-ups with utilities that you ought to be able to plug into.

Seems like you can find outlets on the outside of convenience stores, grocery stores, little shopping centers, gazebos at parks, churches, etc.

As long as you are physically able to pedal your bike with a dead battery, I wouldn't worry about it. Stop and have a drink and a snack at an outlet every so often.

Just make super sure that you don't have a dead battery for the on-road stretches, as those are much hillier, especially on the day you ride into Weedsport.

M.A. from Rochester on 11/3/2022 6:24:01 PM:
We are planning a trip from troy to rochester next year and we also have bikes with batteries that cannot be removed. Wondering if you would share your actual experience with finding outlets along the way to top off.

I’d like to plan 40-50 miles a day whereas our batteries are rated for max 40 miles.