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Best Approach to Seneca on Erie Canal Bike Trail

Stuart from Columbia,SC on 4/14/2021 2:38:43 PM:
Looking for best source providing detailed description of EC bike trail from west to Seneca Falls, returning to Canal, heading east, including traffic, elevation changes, etc. Thanks.

wnybubba from Bflo/ROC on 4/16/2021 12:03:09 AM:
Stuart! Its a bike path along the canal. What's your concern? What kind of details are you looking for? In a nutshell... it's a bike path with paved or crushed gravel. From Bflo to Clyde, NY very little on-road. After that you will be on roadways to Seneca Falls (unless there is a bike path). EC elevation is minimal -- it's a rather level pathway. Using Google Maps (Bike Mode) it's about an hour from Clyde. Two options shown -- both on rural roads without an apron. Maps did not suggest Rt 414, probably because it is a busier route. However, looking in Street Mode - it does show that there is an apron on either side on the state road. Google maps says it's mostly flat. What a resource! EDIT: I guess I didn't answer your question. The best resource? The answer is probably a combination of resources. This website is great with planning tools, maps and this forum (IMHO however, it appears that you asked a rather broad question apparently without arming yourself without any previous research). Other resources, each unique in their own way, would be (1) the (2) (3) the Canal Corp itself for any specifics about the canal and (4 & 5) Google and Google Maps. For instance, if you use google maps you can layer topography and if you Google: Erie canal elevation map... guess what? Lastly, I first read your post as you were returning back to your start, but evidently you are heading east for some distance (which you never identified). My answer would be the same as above, however, as you head east you will leave today's NYS Barge Canal and follow the Historic Canal so you are away from locks, etc. Once you get into the Rome area following the Canal/Mohawk River, there is a mixture of all surfaces with some increase in on-road travel until you reach Mohawk, and from there to ALB you're on paved pathway (some better than others). Using the PTNY Map -- on the bottom is a tab labeled "Map Display" -- it is the map KEY and you can also toggle features. Have fun doing your research.