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Reply to Distance from end of trail in Albany to airport
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wanderingsoul from St. Mary's City, MD on 3/30/2021 12:18:01 PM:
I'm considering renting a car at ALB airport to transport myself & bike back to Corning at the end of my Bflo-Alby ride. Is it possible and safe to bike from the end of the trail to the car rental center at the airport? If so, what's the approximate distance? Thank you.

Bktourer1 from Da Bronx (living in Mass) on 3/30/2021 3:10:37 PM:
Less than 10 mile +/- down Rt 155 A/banhy Shaker Road. Unknown ref the amount of traffic

Bop from Rochester on 3/30/2021 5:42:45 PM:
Off the wall idea. Take a look on street view? This it?,-73.752712,102.37h,-8.06p,1z,IOx3TYOEcBjvbURTbaQyHA

Yankee John from Vermont/Rexford on 3/31/2021 8:45:37 PM:
wanderingsoul; I'm not sure if bikes can legally ride the Loudonville Road overpass from Albany that goes past Memorial Hospital, which has traffic going pretty fast. The middle section of ALbany SHaker Road will be fine although there's still quite a bit of traffic. The last section after Maxon road is really hairy, with lots of traffic coming from the airport and Wolf road getting on the highway. There aren't any other great choices other than riding back the trail to Burhmaster road, a short stretch of busy Route 7 to the other end of Albany Shaker Road coming to the airport from the north. This section of ALbany Shaker road is new and has wide shoulder and is an OK ride even though it has traffic.

wnybubba from Bflo/ROC on 3/31/2021 11:39:19 PM:
Lock your bike, call Uber! Or call Enterprise who may bring the rental to you. The roads out by the Airport and nearby Mall are really busy.

Bktourer1 from Da Bronx (living in Mass) on 4/1/2021 7:09:54 AM:
Looks like a bike / ped path along Dalessondro Blvd & along RT 155. Check the route on Google Street View and Instant Street View. Some parts seem to be a on road bike Lane

wanderingsoul from St. Mary's City, MD on 4/1/2021 8:39:07 PM:
Thank you all for your replies. It seems I should scratch the idea of biking to the airport. I've never been to that part of NY before. Thus the naive question.

Yankee John from Vermont/Rexford on 4/2/2021 7:04:16 AM:
wanderingsoul; One last route to consider that would bring you to the airport 'the back way' without riding on major roads: Take the Albany County Rail Trail from downtown Albany to Voorheesville. It has been recently completed and is a great ride, although it's a gentle uphill the whole way. From Voorheesville take 155/State Farm Road to Watervliet Shaker Road to the Airport. 155 is busy but has a wide shoulder. This ride would add 15 or 20 miles, but half would be on rail trail.