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CJ from Syracuse on 4/23/2020 1:38:19 PM:
Hello all. My amazing girlfriend and myself are looking forward to hitting the trail in mid May. Our hope is to do the entire trail from buff to Albany, but we are uncertain if it is a good idea during these uncertain times. We plan on camping most of the nights and being pretty self sufficient, but we know there will be some basic needs as we travel through towns. Has anyone been out there in the past few weeks? Are there any bans on parts of the trail at the moment? Is it best to wait? Any input will be very much appreciated! Side not, we are first timers and new to touring! Thanks in advance for your feedback.

wnybubba from Bflo-Roc on 4/23/2020 3:04:48 PM:
Oh man... Get ready for some unwelcome comments! Is it safe - NO. Is it smart = NO. Should you consider it - why not? Here's my take on the thouught. If you even consider it - I hope you are an experienced camper. You will have to be very self sufficient and somewhat creative as I don't think anyone knows what to expect. Governor's Executive Order is Stay in Place until May 15th including campgrounds being closed. After that... who knows? The path is open to walk, bike, etc. Towns and villages along the Trail are in quarantine mode with limited resources available. Grocery and convenient stores would be your ultimate source for supply replenishment with possible "walk-up" service at some takeout providers, so are you prepared for these limitations and consideration for substanance? then consider this... many/most public restrooms will be closed. How are you (both) going to handle this necessity?I Let's also add how you are going to handle yourselves in a safe-distancing environment. This is NOT about to go away soon. Hand washing, masks, sanitizers... all need to be considered.I I'm also trying to imagine your fitness and timing. Being new to touring may take its toll. Are you planning on a 4 day pound or a 10 day tour? It all adds to your risk and exposure. Are you ready to consider having to be hospitalized miles from home? Do you have any means of support should you need it?I My take... not a good move, but it's an adventure after all. Consider the risks, your fitness and your experience. And, most of all... don't be selfish. Not to yourself, your amazing girlfriend or others.

CJ from Syracuse on 4/23/2020 4:50:08 PM:
WNYBubba, thank you very much for your thoughtful response. We are genuinely taking this feedback seriously. We do not want to put anyone else at risk, most importantly, and trying to tailor our departure date further out. Although we are confident in our experienced camping skills and fitness levels, it does seem a bit selfish to venture out during this time. Thank you for the clarity. It's hard to come back down to reality after both of us have been staring at screens, finalizing graduate school and remaining inside most of the days. I'm sure this is something most of us are experiencing. Anyway, thanks again. Stay safe!