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biker on 3/31/2020 5:26:17 PM:
Is the Erie Canal Bike Trail paved? Is it appropriate for road bikes?

wnybubba on 4/1/2020 11:55:25 AM:
Its mixed - paved and hard packed crush stone with some off trail sections on paved secondary roads. Here's a nice look:

John from Cobleskill on 4/4/2020 6:10:50 PM:
Yes if you use tires that are made with kevlar.

John from Pittsburgh on 4/6/2020 6:32:47 PM:
Buffalo to the Tonawanda’s is paved. Schenectady to Albany is paved. The off trail parts are on local roads. Everything else is crushed gravel.

wnybubba on 4/6/2020 7:15:32 PM:
@John from Pittsburgh I'm not all that familiar with the trail east of Pittsford (outside of Rochester) but the trail is paved around Rochester for sure.

John from Pittsburgh on 4/6/2020 10:00:57 PM:
You are correct. I recall some paved trail in Rochester but it’s beginning and end points escape me. Does anyone know?

Bop from Rochester on 4/7/2020 5:17:31 AM:
Greece (Long Pond Rd.)to Pittsford, paved. Many tree roots bumps.

John from Cobleskill on 4/10/2020 5:59:18 AM:
The PTNY site is pretty close to what is paved and what is stone dust but it's not 100% because I know of a section around Schoharie Crossing that is stone dust but on their map, they show it as paved. But other than that, it is correct as far as I know.

Steve M. from Evergreen, CO on 4/21/2020 2:21:55 PM:
We are planning to hopefully ride the route in late June. I would comments on whether a road or Mt. bike is more appropriate. Thanks!

wnybubba from Bflo-Roc on 4/21/2020 4:02:57 PM:
I think what feedback you will receive is that either work, just personal preference. The trail has minimal elevation gain/loss so gearing isn't a significant concern in that regard. What will make a difference is the tires you choose. I just ordered a decent "rolling" mtb bike tire for my planned tour.