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Kiwanis Park

Parking, Restroom
Rotterdam / Rotterdam Junction NY
River Rd

Kiwanis Park is located on the Erie Canal Bike Trail, in Rotterdam NY

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Kiwanis Park
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Forum Discussions about Kiwanis Park

Kiwanis Park in Rotterdam Junction
Melinda from Niskayuna on 05/31/2023 09:42 AM:
Launched the Kayaks last week. The park was lovely, and both the ramp and the kayak launch sites were in great shape. My paddling buddy and I went across Route 5S to the little country store for egg sandwiches and picnicked at the park. The very conscientious state boat inspector was there on duty.

Kiwanis Park in Rotterdam Junction
Jim Palmer from Glenville, ny on 08/04/2020 03:00 AM:
Title: Kiwanis Park, Another Kaaterskill Falls? I think NOT!

Last Sunday morning I stopped in to see what havoc had been done to this picturesque Mohawk River park located on route 5S in Rotterdam Junction, NY. The visitors the day before had trashed the place. It was a pigsty from the pavilion to the end of the picnic area. The scene reminded me of the Kaaterskill Falls area located near Tannersville, NY where the locals are dealing with huge amounts of trash from out of towners who are coming in and leaving garbage and trash all over the place.

THIS IS NOT GOING TO CONTINUE TO HAPPEN TO KIWANIS PARK. I propose to friends of the park to take back control. Lets make it VERY uncomfortable for the trashers and troublemakers. If its a hot and sticky day, stop in and observe whats happening in the park. If you see trash or trouble don’t confront the perpetrators but go up to the upper parking lot and call country emergency control at 518-384-3444 and ask for police help. If you are law enforcement stop in and check on things. Give out some citations if needed. Word will get out and the troublemakers will disappear.

Another idea is to make this park into a strictly carry in, carry out park. Get rid of the trash barrels, put up the signs. Believe it or not trash barrels just makes for more trash. People even come along and empty their car’s trash in them. And there is a law against that.

Another problem in the park are the swimmers in the boat launch area. They just won’t get out of the boats way. A very dangerous act to both boaters and swimmers. When launching or coming in with swimmers in the launch area holler “Boat coming in” or “Launching a boat”. A simple load shout may help to ovoid an accident.

So, lets get out there and enjoy a little slice of heaven. Boot out the troublemakers.