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CK Cycles

Bike Shop
Albany NY
1370 Central Ave

CK Cycles is located approximately 4.6 miles from the Erie Canal Bike Trail, in Albany NY

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CK Cycles
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Forum Discussions about CK Cycles

Renting bikes in Buffalo or Albany
ThoseDaltons from Park City, UT on 01/04/2021 12:47 PM:
Sorry if this has been asked before. I scrolled thru several pages, and could not find. Unfortunately this forum does not have a search option.
Is anyone aware of a shop that will rent us bikes ? Preferable in Albany, where we would like to end our ride.

I have looked at the websites of the two bike shops under services, but they do not advertise rentals.


Yankee John from Braintree, Vermont on 01/04/2021 02:41 PM:
Unfortunately I'm not aware of a bike shop that provides rentals. There was a shop in Schenectady the rented but it closed last year. You might want to contact the shops personally. Freeman's Bridge Sports in Scotia has become an excellent shop, and they might be able to provide bikes, although they aren't at the start of the trail.

Diane at Great American Bike Tours organizes bike tours on the canal and is a great resource and might have some ideas. She used to run a bike shuttle service on the canal.

ThoseDaltons from Park City, UT on 01/04/2021 02:55 PM:
Thanks ! I check those out !

If we cant find rentals, we might just do the C&)/ GAP again.......

Bktourer1 from Da Bronx (living in Mass) on 01/04/2021 04:23 PM:
There is a search button on the main page to the far right after the
mileage chart button

Joe from Buffalo on 01/04/2021 04:30 PM:
Campus Wheelworks in Buffalo offers bike rentals -

They also rent racks if you need them.

I'd give them a call - if they can't help you they may know someone who can. Very helpful staff there.

ThoseDaltons from Park City, UT on 01/04/2021 07:12 PM:
Thanks all, for the help.

I'll call Campus Wheelworks :).