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Amtrak Station

Train Station
Utica NY
321 Main St

Amtrak Station is located approximately 0.6 mile from the Erie Canal Bike Trail, in Utica NY

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Amtrak Station
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Forum Discussions about Amtrak Station

Amtrak Station in Utica
Ellen Maiman from Acton on 06/09/2022 02:28 PM:

I am interested i finding o if there is a shuttle service or ride service to get me and 3 other people and their bikes back to the start of the ride. we are hoping to start in Amsterdam and end in Utica. Can we go by train and if so can we reserve spots for our bikes?

Ellen Maiman

wnybubba from Bflo/Roc on 06/09/2022 03:27 PM: has all the answers about trains.

Looks like the latest service out of Utica heading east is 4:26 PM.
If you biked west to east and ended in Amsterdam, latest train leaves Amsterdam 4:43 PM (heading west) giving you a little more biking time.

[Clarification here: I'm assuming that you are riding this 60-mile ride in one day. If you are going to include an overnight -- other earlier trains are scheduled. Go to the Amtrak website.]

As far as taking bikes on Amtrak -- reserve with as much advance time as possible. There are only 4 bike racks available on any given train and they will sell. It helps if your travel day is flexible -- they may be sold on one day and not the next.

It's a rather inexpensive option -- about $20 for the ticket and every bike is $20 (set fee per bike).

Good luck with your plans.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 06/10/2022 01:51 PM:
The train stuff gets pretty intricate as far as where to get on and off, where to park, how to reserve, what's allowed and what's not. Search the forum (top of the page) to make sure you don't miss anything.